Detecting Water Damage at Home

Your home is a precious investment, which should be protected. There are risk factors that can lead to a lot of losses and even severe damage. Water is one of those factors that can cause some damages if it is not managed well. Water damage might result from leakage or floods. This damage is a good sign that there are major problems with the foundation, past maintenance or pipes. Here are some of the most effective ways that you can spot water damage

Dealing with water damage

Check all faucets, seals, faucets, and other fittingsSSXsXSGDNHRYGNH

You need to check pools of water under your sinks, dripping pipes or any damp odor in your house cabinets. All these signs show that there is some water damage that has occurred in your home. It is also important to check under the sinks and behind the washing machines to find if there are weakened hoses. Hoses that are no longer flexible or cracked have high chances of leaking or breaking, leading to great damages in your home. Even if the problem is just small and there is no potential risk involved, you need to get it fixed before they can damage your floor or cabinetry.

Examine overflows on the air conditioner or refrigerator

You can also spot water damages in your home in Houston by examining if there is any overflow on the air conditioner or refrigerator unit. If you find stagnant water that is not draining in the proper manner, then this presents a potential water problem in your house. You need to do repair or replacement quickly to avoid more severe damages that might end up being more expensive.

Climb and check on the roof

You can also detect potential water damage by checking the condition of your house roof. In case you notice that there are holes or other soft spots, these signs indicate water damage. You also need to check the attic too should you find some of these signs.

Check signs of discoloration

WSDVFBGaaEDFIf you find dark or green spots on the ceilings, walls, hardwood floors or carpets, this is a sign of slow leakage that is occurring. If the area with such spots is not damp, the discoloration is a sign of a chronic issue that might return when it rains again.

Hire professional to do the check up for you

At times, you might not have all the time or enough knowledge to inspect your home for potential water damage. The best way to go about the restoration exercise is by finding a professional water damage houston company. As such this professionals should help you do the inspection and help you prevent losses that might occur as a result of water damage.

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