Buying the right home water softener

Home water softeners help you remove unwanted minerals in water used for domestic applications. Ideally, these appliances remove magnesium and calcium ions, which are responsible for making water hard, and replaces them with sodium ions. Hard water causes all sorts of household troubles. For instances, soaps used in doing laundry and other cleaning jobs does not lather, clogging of pipes and also stains faucets, sinks, and tableware. It also stains brightly colored clothes and damages kitchen appliances.clean  water

Water is not softened is bound to cause all sorts of problems in any home. As such, the best thing you can do is to invest in a home water softening unit. Else, you will have to live by the costly consequences of using hard water. That said, the following tips should help you buy the best water softener for the money. Read on!

Find out how much water you consume

On average, most people spend close to 80 -100 gallons per day. However, you can always find others spending less or much more than this. The most important thing is to establish your consumption volumes first. This will help you get the right softening unit for your house considering that most softening units have different operating capacities.

Mode of operation

Based on the mode of operation, there are two main types of water softening units. These include the salt-based water softener and the salt-free model. Salt-based softeners work under the principle of ion exchange. The salt-free water softener uses potassium chloride substitute and not sodium. Salt-free water softeners are highly preferred by individuals concerned about of salts they take in.


Another factor to consider when looking for a water softening unit is the east of maintaining or cleaning. You need to clean your water softener regularly to prevent residue salt particles getting to the plumbing unit. As a tip, get water softening units that require minimal cleaning or maintenance.

Availability of replacement parts

water softener 33You can never do away with repairs when dealing with any appliance. This applies too, to water softeners. As such, you need to make sure that the unit you are just about to choose is repairable and the parts are available. The good thing about this nature of replacements is that they are relatively straightforward.

Another important tip is to check online reviews about different water softening brands. This way, you will be able to learn more about the variety out there. Not just that, you might get a considered recommendation based on your needs.

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