Signs that you need to replace your roof

Roof replacement is a big project because it requires you to move out of the house temporarily. The best thing with roof replacement is the fact that it is not a regular project. A good roof should stay in good condition for at least 20 years before the need for replacement. However, there are times when you might need to replace your roof. Before replacing your roof, you will obviously start seeing some warning signs. The roof is a sensitive area of your home, and you should never ignore any of the warning signs.

Do you need to replace your roof?

Dampness that won’t go away

Dampness that won’t go away is always one of the warning signs that you need a new roof as soon as possible. Dampness is a big sign because it is an indication that the roof has water damage. Like you probably know, water damage is hard to control and especially on the roof. Water damage makes the roof very weak, and this is dangerous for you and your family. The worst thing with roof dampness is also the fact that it can cause diseases.


Cracks and holes

Cracks and holes are a normal phenomenon, but you need to assess the level of damage. You will notice the cracks and holes on your roof when you see light patches on your floor. The first action for cracks and holes is roof repair to seal the cracks and holes. Long Island Roofing Company will help you with roof repair and replacement. However, there are instances where you might need to replace the whole roof entirely. If you notice that you have repaired your roof over five times in a year, then you need to consider installing a new roof.

Debris on the gutter

Debris on the gutter is always a sign that your roof is wearing out. Different factors might cause your roof to wear out like age and weather condition. You can always see debris in the gutter when you take a look at the sand like granules on the roof gutters.


Physical signs of aging

Physical signs of aging might be a sign that you need to replace your roof. You can always see signs of aging by looking at the roof. Some of the common signs of aging include color fading, sagging, missing shingles, and any other signs. The signs of aging will always depend on the type of roof that you have.