How Do You Relax?

So last week I asked how you guys like to relax, and I got some really fabulous answers here are some of my faves:
much love to everyone else who answered but isn't on here!

Are you noticing a trend here? Baths and chocolate and tea. Hey that reminds me a lot of... my instgram feed!

We all have such busy lives - school, kids, work, friends, blogging. I think that self pampering often falls to the wayside in all the hubbaloo that is a bloggers life. Sure we have to take a second to make sure our hair is good for a photoshoot or that our nails are painted for instagram, but how often do we just stop and smell the roses? Take a moment just to pamper?

Not to often if you guys are anything like me. Well today I have a solution.

Latika Soaps is run by the delightful Mazzi and she has stocked her shop with some of the most amazing smelling soaps, bombs, and mists I have ever experienced. Think Bath & Body Works but better. And handmade! And natural! I was fortunate enough to get to sample some of her soaps and let me tell you, no one in my apartment will ever have dirty or smelly hands again! Here were some of my favorites!

This awesome little goat's milk soap bar even smelled like oreos!
We all know I am a bubble bath junky and now with this I might never get out of the tub! The Lavender was my favorite.
My little Ocean scented button is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen!
This Pink Macaron duo might be my favorite. They smell sweet and light and I might just wear the mist every day!
I believe we already established everyone's love of chocolate, well now you can have it in your bathroom too!
This Oatmeal, Milk & Honey bar made my hands soft for days - I keep it by the dish sink so my hands stay soft all winter.
And now you can have some Latika Soaps at home too! Mazzi was kind enough to pack up a prize box for one lucky winner. What will you get you mustache you? (get it must ask you? I'm funny)
You will get a fancy mustache set, a six-pack of lip balms, camera soap, and the Love Potion soap and body mist.

When you enter to win in the rafflecopter below, you are entering to be either a grand prize winner or one of three runner ups. The Grand Prize winner will get the Latika Soaps gift box as well as a month of large ad space here. The three runner ups will get 2 months of medium ad space each.

And on top of it all you can use the code LOVELALA on Etsy to get 20% off. And every purchase over $20 from their website will receive a pink cupcake as a gift!

So enter away and stay relaxed!
a Rafflecopter giveaway These products were given to me for review, but all opinions are my own.


Aubree @ Macarons and Stilettos said...

I love all of these ways to relax! I agree we all lead busy lives and sometimes it's good to remember to take a moment to slow down and just pamper ourselves. I love to lay on my lambskin rug, light candles and listen to music (yes, sometimes chocolate is involved!).

And thanks so much for hosting this giveaway. I entered because I want some of those soaps. Right. Now.


Andrea @ Mostly Happenstance said...

I think I would love the Love Potion Luxury Moisturizing Body Mist - Black Amber & Lavender - Set of mist and soap.
Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Vivika Vain said...

These soaps are so cute and unique! And that macaron body mist...I want it! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

Jenn said...

I agree! We don't always need to 'pamper' ourselves but definitely some me time is needed. Why didn't I think of saying alcohol? I guess I might spike my Nutella hot chocolate next time!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Oh my gosh....I want everything!!!! I seriously can't pick a favorite...thanks for this amazing giveaway!

Michael said...

I'd love the oatmeal, milk and honey bars!

Cassie @ Southeast by Midwest said...

I LOVE the bath fizzies, the cherry almond to be specific :)

Caitlin said...

Perfect place to get last minute gifts for my roommates haha :) The macaron fizzes are hilarious, love it!

Charm Colorfully

Joelle Duff :: Something Charming said...

I definitely agree with the chocolate part. That's my favorite way to de-stress! In fact, I think I may need to go get some right now...

Cindii said...

I'd want the lip balms and mango soap!

Kirsten Erickson said...

There are too many choices! It'd be a tough call between the oatmeal soap & the moustaches.

Crystal from My Ramblings said...

I am absolutely in love with the button soaps!

lily white english rose said...

OMG their products are adorable!! cant decide which i like best the macaroon soaps, gingerbread soaps or oreo scented soap :D

Tory Bennett-Daggett said...

I would love the Milk and Honey bar... that looks amazing!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

I am a big bubble bath girl so the Bath Bomb Fizzy sounds amazing - thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

Sparkles and Shoes

Anjali said...

I love these!!! SO COOL! But I especially love the Gingerbread ones!! :D

Lauren said...

What a perfect way to relax!! I must say-- I came to you through a giveaway and I'm SO glad I did :)

Lauren said...

Alos, I love the bath bomb fizzy!!!

brittany t said...

all of her soaps are so cute and cool! i favorited so many. I'd love to get the jasmine and ginger tea soap, the mustache soaps, oatmeal milk and honey soap, and the pink macaron..ok i want them all! haha

fearandloatingintelaviv said...

I want one of everything-but the pink macaroon set especially.

Heidi B. said...

These soaps are just too cute! I would be happy to have any of them, but the oatmeal, milk, and honey bars really stand out to me. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!