True Life... Sometimes I Get Bored

We all get bored, some of us just deal with it better then others. I am not one of those people. So here are my top 10 ways to get unbored!

10. Paint your nails.
9. Button hop from blog to blog.
8. Drool over jewelry on Etsy.
7. Take photos of your cat.
6. Sing Disney songs as loud and off key as you can.
5. Call and re-call all your friends on the favorites list until someone answers.
4. Take videos of you cat. (please note: my cat is 12 years old, and she does this on the daily!)

3. Visit to see what National Day it is.
2.  Watch The Ellen Show clips and Friends bloopers.
1. Harass your friends and make them tell you stories.

Here is one from my friend Marie*. 
There once were five girls who were all friendly. They were all watching the notebook crying and eating ice cream and goodies that they had made when there was a knock at the door. The girls didn't hear it at first because of their infatuation of how sexy Noah is with a beard and all sweaty. The knock continued and this time got the girls attention. Behind the door was a line of boys. all different shapes, heights, and beard length with flowers or stuffed animals in their hands. They proceeded to enter the room and line up in-front of the emotional girls. There was a card with the first one that read one of these boys will be the Noah for each of you. Then the girls were allowed to pick their Noah and have some good, unclean fun with their new loves in their respected wished way. The End.

And another from Fanny*
Once upon a time there was a boring, whiny princess named Fanny. She lived a very dull life here she laid in bed for days on end with a nasty illness and read tons of romance novels. She lost all hope I her own love life and decided she'd devote her life to adopting as many furry creatures as possible to fill the hole in her heart. The End.

(names of friends have been changed to protect the poor people who have to tell me stories)


Dara said...

all great ideas!

The Students Wife said...

I agree. all great ideas. I love all your nail colors

Jessica Odom said...

Watching clips from Ellen and Friends will cure boredom anytime! :)

Alli @ Allena Mistral said...

Oh lord, you may have just added to my procrastination!

Allyssa said...

Okay, so it's settled: I need to adopt a cat so I can cure my boredom!

Lee Young Hyun said...

great designs for the nails!

Michael Z said...

I love this list.

1) Your nails are gorgeous
2) Your cat looks just like my Bug did. That mish-mash of calico. It made me teary eyed.