That Crazy Cat Lady... And Other Happy Things

Now in full disclosure, she knows this post is happening but not what it says...

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time I started a blog. I started emailing some other bloggers and some friendships developed. One of these friendships is with Chelsea over at Olive & Ivy. Well we got to emailing and tweeting, and chatting pretty frequently and soon she she became my go-to idea-bouncer-off-erer. I pester the poor girl with random bloggy questions, annoying insecurities and just random streams of consciousness, and she just rolls with it all. Then one evening it happened.

It started off innocently enough we were chatting about how I don't like coffee, suggestions were made and eventually the conversation migrated to how I was using my cat as a blanket. Earlier in the day Chels found some videos of her old cat and we were reminscing about past kittens. So she started sending me pics of her furry darlings.

Happy kittens weren't the only photos I got. Apparently Chelsea didn't have enough dolls as a child and she liked to vent her frustration out on her cat and dog (and just in case you were wondering, the kitten is wearing a tank-top, not a diaper... I had to ask).

 Cute no? Then I got this picture. It might be just about the best picture I have ever seen! I am just loving the "joyus" expression and the cat who can't decide if she loves Chels or just wants away!

Personally it they are the best things I have ever seen. And even though I missed National Cat Day (November 29th in case you were wondering) I thought that sharing these photos - and simultaneously embarrassing the ever lovin' cat out of Chels - would be a nice way to remind everyone to love what makes you happy!

Happiness keeps you young... and happy people just don't kill their husbands (movie reference anyone?). Be it singing, running, crafting, watching TV, baking me cookies, blogging, collecting colorful buttons, or loving cats... do it!

Life is too short to to be unhappy and dissatisfied so grab it by the horns, tail, ears, high heels (what ever floats your boat) and go for it!

So not that she shares stuff like this on her own blog, I think that everyone should go take a few seconds to pop in and say hi. She is really an amazing person, blogger, sounding board, and cat lady, and much of this blog would not be a reality if not for her!

Have a fabulous week, be happy, and make lots of bloggy friends so you can mock them about their extreme cat lady tendencies too!!


Allyssa said...

Isn't the blogging community great?! I've made some amazing friends that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to otherwise.

PS: love the Legally Blonde reference. And that last picture is priceless!

LWLH said...

Haha...loved the pics!
Crazy cat people, they scare me....but you gotta love 'em :)
(you know so they don't send a army of kitties to claw my eyes out...mama didn't raise no fool)

Bree said...

Waitttt, you don't or didn't used to like coffee? How can this be since you're so obsessed with Starbucks? lol
<3 this post!! and <3 you!

Ps- just saw your schedule for this semester. :( looks like how mine was last semester. Good luck!! You've got this.

becca said...

omg so cute love the princess one

Evani Gatsby said...

I love Chelsea and I loved reading about your blog friendship :). She really is so sweet!

Alli @ Allena Mistral said...

Haha <3 you both!! This is fabulous! The reference is Legally Blonde and I TOTALLY used it on Ryan the other day and said name that movie... He stared at me like I was crazy. And in my absolute obsession with that movie, I feel the need to point out that I'm pretty sure it's happy people just don't SHOOT their husbands, but it's been a while since I've seen it. Okay, rambling comment, done!

tancy said...

Fantastic pictures. The cats are so damn cute! :-)

Chelsea Lennox said...

HAHAH. I can't believe I totally forgot to read thsi since now. holy freak. LOLOLOL. I think that's the funniest picture of me ever taken, and even better that it was caught during the film ages. and yeah readers, my cats were flipping cute. and she was like pinching my cheeks cause she thinks i'm so cute, obvs.

Paige said...

hahahha thank you so much for sharing these pics of Chels!