Starting Fresh

So I realize that I fell back on my promise to keep up with some posting, and to check in here intermittently. And I am sorry for that. But this time away has been so enlightening. While I enjoyed getting away from the pressure of having to post or fitting into a certain niche, I realized that I missed the community and creativity I got from blogging.
With that being said, I decided that while I did want to come back, I wanted to come back to a 100% clean slate. So I present to you all - Overflow Diaries. It will be both more and less focused. More design and style inspired and less of me posting what I think I have to be posting. It will be my place to share the overflow of ideas, things I love, and both life and design inspiration. It is everything I want it to be, and yet it has to be nothing. I am super excited and I hope all of you will follow it on over and share in this journey with me. In fact if you headover today, there is a nice little freebie for you a day early!

FF: Weekend {Wear}

I am super big into the preppy/cape/country club look. So this is like my dream weekend outfit!
FF: Weekend

Linking up with Alison
Happy weekends love!
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Chelsea's Giveaway

Who doesn't like to win some big cash money? I sure do. I recently turned 22 (can I get a holla for feeling super old now? gaaah!) and obviously the best way to celebrate is by throwing up some dollar bills. $230 dollar bills to be exact. Not actually throwing them up in the air for you to scramble and collect but throwing into a pile for you to win. Making sense? Nope. Enjoy!


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Taking a Step Back

Ok it's official. I need to take a blog break. I am just lacking the motivation and inspiration to keep up with it. I will probably still do the Friday's Fancies, and maybe the occasional post, but for the good of the blog, I just need a break. Right now it is my intention to do a big comeback and facelift around May 24th - the blog's first anniversary, but I don't want to put too much pressure on myself just now.
So.... I'll see ya around I guess :(
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